Top Five Reasons Why one should play Doku

5. iCloud integration.
But who doesn't…? Like all modern games, Doku synchronizes your play stats across all iOS devices that shared the same iCloud account.

It is a Sudoku, but also something else.
Slow down your brain's aging process through serious Cognitive Science.

My friends and foes all play it.
That's not a good enough reason to play…..
but I am the best of them all! Evidence? Objective stats management. Game Center integration. SOS Twitter. Brag your progress on Facebook.

Doku Duel.
Not a first person shooter, but a curious combination of serious puzzle and adrenalin inducing real time action. You may play duel in real time via Game Center match/invites and asynchronously (dokugram)!

I've got a Dokugram!
In the old days, people used to play a serious chess match via snail mails. Times have changed. Friends may exchange their dokugrams to challenge each other and accumulated stats over shared puzzles. Works either by
eMail or via Facebook timeline!