I email the Dokugram, but the email is never sent or the recipient sees no attached dokugram file?

Check the following: In the Settings app on your Home screen, go to Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->Mail->Default Account, the Default account should have been set to the one that can send out emails. Messages created outside of Mail uses this account to send in-app generated emails. Some email servers also put restrictions on attachment files. If you suspect it being the case, Apple's iCloud mail server would be a safer bet. If problem persists, please contact us with details.


When I post a Dokugram or a stat to Facebook timeline, it keeps posting to my other Facebook account while I am logged into another account in the Facebook App. How do I log in and out of my Facebook account(s)?

(Note: this may apply only to iOS 5. In iOS 6, Apple integrated many Facebook functions. When Doku updates, the following issues may not apply any more.)

Except for the first time Doku tries to interact with Facebook, you will rarely need to log in and out as long as you are logged in to your FB account through either the Facebook App or Safari on your device. If you switch among multiple Facebook accounts, however, things may get complicated.

Doku will try to communicate with the account you logged in originally from Doku or with the account that it successfully connected with the last time. But suppose you switched your FB account in the Facebook app since and want Doku to adopt the new account.

In that case, you may want to follow these steps:

1. This is a crucial step:
Log out of all Facebook accounts in your Facebook App and Web browser on the device.
2. In Doku, tap on the Log Out of Facebook item that appears when you tap on the Nuts and Bolts button (see below). It will bring up the Facebook login view. Log out from old account, and then log in to the new one. This action will close the FB session created in Doku and clear all related cache data.


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