If you have trouble purchasing a Doku product from the inApp Store, please follow the steps:

(1)Check your internet connection.

(2)Make sure that you have signed in to a valid App Store account. Also check if your credit card info is up-to-date.

(3)Make sure that the owner of the iOS device has not placed any restrictions on purchase from App Store. If Restrictions are turned on, In-App purchases should be manually turned On to allow. (Settings->General->Restrictions->Allowed Content->In-App Purchases)

(4)If all of these are OK, and you still have issues, you may need to re-boot the device.

(5)If rebooting did not fix the problem, then as the last resort, you may need to delete the Doku App off your device and re-install it. (You may download it again from the App Store. It should allow you to re-install free of any charge.)

You may also contact us at