Often, it requires a singular genius to move the earth. However, there is also an endless list of great collaborations in history. Just to name famous duos will fill up pages: Rogers & Hart, Elton John & Bernie Taupin, Watson & Crick, Billy Wilder & I. A. L. Diamond. Truffaut & Jean-Pierre LŽaud. (Jobs & Woz). Lennon & McCartney. Erdös and the company of the week, Nichols & May. C. N. Yang & T. D. Lee. The silly and the serious Woody Allen. Julia Childs & PBS? How about the Bloomsbury circle? The Lunar Society of Birmingham. King Sejong's Jip-Hyun-Jeon. The early cast of Saturday Night Live. Nicolas Bourbaki. Architects of Quantum Mechanics? But what about the rest of us, who are not exactly doing a Pantheon-worthy work with friends? While we admit that it will be extremely flattering if a Nobel laureate picks up iStorm to start his next project, we also note that the next big theory, poem or tune may well come from any room in our neighborhood. Even the lesser prose is measurelessly valuable if our small children wrote it together. Do not be too grandiose. Just experience an intimate moment of coming up with a perfect phrase after another in composing a poem about a birch tree!

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