Doku is a puzzle.
Doku is a state of mind.
Doku is a good waste of your time.

It appeals to your hidden desire to fill the void. Any void. Go ahead. Fill them all
Nature would appreciate your effort.
In return, Doku fills the void in your time hourglassDark
Occasionally, its insistent rules drive you nuts.
You still come back.
Because it justly flatters your brain

Yet, you worry the world might think the nerd of you.
You worry too much. The world is too busy talking with Siri and does not have time to think about you.
Anyway, the nerds have won.

Do you see any numbers here?
Only Colors. So why worry anyway?

You feel guilty.
Having fun. Too often.
Look around yourself. Anybody that looks like you?
You are alone, but never lonely. Just unique.
That is the essence of Doku
You should be proud of yourself.

Under prying eyes, whether they be of your boss, spouse or parents, you make believe you are a volunteer in a crowd-sourced research project on negative entropy or decoding of a mysterious genome. Naturally, that implies saving the world from a sinister bio-terror plot
helixDark Or from itself.

Should this be any less real? You wonder.

Whose side are you on, really…?